Optimize your patient-flow

Unlock the value of your center’s operational data

Choosing when, where and how long to treat each cancer patient can be an arduous task that results in a waste of potential treatment bandwidth. GrayOS is a virtual model of your center, which continuously simulates the future to optimize the present.

Strategic Patient Load Simulation

Predict future patient load and evaluate its impact on your operations.

Thinking of buying another machine? Concerned about the incoming surge of cancer patients? GrayOS can accurately simulate the impact of any hypothetical scenario to optimize decision making.

Automated Patient Scheduling

Never have to manually schedule a patient again. Free up more time to spend with them

GrayOS simplifies how your staff schedules their patients. Not only will the schedules be robust and optimized, a task which normally takes hours is reduced to minutes.

Patient Focused Trajectories

From your patient's perspective, their treatment is one, connected trajectory.

Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are intrinsically connected through the patient. GrayOS operationally connects the two disciplines for both scheduling and visualization purposes.

Real-time Optimization

Is the infusion center falling behind by noon? Did a nurse have to go home sick?

A theoretical schedule often doesn’t go according to plan. A nurse goes home sick. A patient shows up late. A machine breaks. GrayOS will assist your staff in how to appropriately respond, reducing their stress and minimizing the impact of variability.

Accommodate Patient Preferences

Engage your patients. Easily accommodate their explicit scheduling preferences & constraints.

Your patient’s preferences can now be explicitly considered in the creation of the schedule. Improve your patients’ satisfaction, without putting any additional stress on your staff.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly connect to your existing EHR(s).

Integration ensures your EHR remains the ground truth while moving the scheduling workflow entirely within GrayOS.

Why Gray?

GrayOS is the only platform on the market that fully automates patient scheduling while being built from the ground up for oncology. We’ll improve your efficiency without compromising your quality of care.

5% increased resource utilization rates

25% reduced administrative burden

Increased staff satisfaction

Reduced patient wait times

Increased patient satisfaction

André Diamant

André Diamant

Founder & CEO

PhD Medical Physics, specialized in deep learning for outcome prediction in oncology.

Marc-André Renaud

Marc-André Renaud

Founder & CSO

PhD Medical Physics, specialized in optimization and radiation therapy treatment planning.

Louis-Martin Rousseau

Louis-Martin Rousseau

Founding Advisor

Canada research chair in healthcare logistics (HANALOG).

Nadia Lahrichi

Nadia Lahrichi

Founding Advisor

Polytechnique Montréal - healthcare logistics

Who we are

At Gray, we have a vision of an oncology workflow where each patient’s journey through their cancer treatment is personalized for them, and statistically optimized to provide the best possible clinical outcomes. A connected workflow devoid of inefficiencies is the first step in achieving this vision.

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We want to hear about your concerns, the nuances surrounding your organization and how we can help optimize your efficiency!

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